Water damage: A unique agreement with Intact Assurances to protect insured customers

February 10, 2014 – Groupe Vigilance is proud of its most recent agreement with Intact Assurances, the leading car, home, and business insurance company in Canada.

As part of an action plan in home insurance that takes climate change into account, both companies have developed a specific offer to protect their customers from water damage.

Did you know? Water damage has surpassed fire as the main cause for insurance claims in Canada.

Customers insured by Intact Assurances now have a tangible tool to prevent water damage: a leak-detection and automatic water shutoff system connected to an alarm system. By installing five (5) water sensors in strategic areas of their homes along with an automatic water shutoff valve that is activated as soon as a water sensor is triggered, customers can considerably reduce the risk of water damage.]

Discount on home insurance premium

  • Up to 5% discount on installation of 5 water sensors, and
  • Up to 5% discount on installation of an automatic water shutoff valve

This discount may be added to the discount for installation of a fire and theft prevention system connected to a monitoring centre, which can result in a 25% discount!

Preferential rates on a Groupe Vigilance security system

Thanks to negotiated benefits, customers who are insured by Intact Assurances enjoy preferential rates from Groupe Vigilance. They can also choose from among several system-installation options.

Current customers who have already equipped their home with a fire and theft prevention system can easily modify their current system at little cost to add these new functionalities and protect themselves against water damage.

New “assuranceevolue.com” site: a great awareness-raising tool

A web site created by Intact Assurances dedicated to climate change provides a wide range of tools and useful tips and advice to prevent various types of damage, including water damage and to minimize their impact.

To find out more, speak with an Intact Assurances broker or a Groupe Vigilance representative today.

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