The Vigilance Group is proud to announce its accreditation with CAA Quebec! Thanks to the excellence of their consulting services and their outstanding skills in the field of residential security, the Vigilance Group has carved out a place of choice among the most important network of housing specialists in Quebec.

As a now recommended company, the Vigilance Group had to undergo a multitude of tests to verify the skills as well as the security to do business with the company. Indeed, the collection of data for all companies wishing to be part of the recommended caA-QUÉBEC home service is carried out by telephone interviews from the Call Center observer. For each company, CAA-QUEBEC forwarded approximately 75 randomly selected names or all from the company’s customer file to the Observer. Also, audits were carried out with various government and private agencies, such as the Consumer Protection Office, the Quebec Building Authority and the private security office’s permit. Then, a graph that compares the average level of satisfaction of the company with the level of satisfaction of the sector was realized.

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