24/7 remote monitoring and patrol service for your business

The monitoring centres that Groupe Vigilance employs are 5 Diamond certified and ULC-listed (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada). They are located in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, and Vancouver and rank among the most effective security facilities in North America. These centres are equipped with the most advanced and specialized remote monitoring technology and a vast fibre-optic network.

Our high-tech centres actively ensure your protection 24 hours a day. You enjoy immediate contact with a bilingual operator who fully understands the specific security procedures for your situation (home security or business security).

ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) listing attests that products and systems have been evaluated and tested and their performance complies with Canadian standards.

Five Diamond certification issued by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) attests that all of our monitoring centre agents possess required skills and certification.

Responding to alarms

This is how we respond to alarms:

  1. Your security system emits an alarm signal. As soon as your system triggers an alarm, the monitoring centre is alerted and operators take action.
  2. An operator contacts the owner or resource person whose name appears on the call list in order to validate the alarm. Our computer system tells us the precise location where the alarm was triggered. We follow the response procedures set out in your personal file.
  3. If required, our operator will contact the appropriate response service.
  4. The response service arrives and takes appropriate action.

Contact us toll free, anywhere in Quebec: 1-866-522-7911

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