Intrusion & home invasion protection

Groupe Vigilance security systems are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. They are elegant, easy to use, and provide guidance with short messages in English or French. Window stickers also act as an effective deterrent and are an essential component of our theft-prevention solution. These systems are also effective against home invasion.

Thanks to their state-of-the-art technology and built-in functions, Groupe Vigilance security systems protect not only your home, but you and your loved ones when you are at home.

Invasion de domicile

Home invasion is when unwanted intruders enter your home while you are there. Unlike breaking-and-entering incidents (when residents are away from home), home invasion usually involves more than one criminal, and they use physical intimidation and violence to get what they want. The number of home invasions has gone up considerably in Quebec in the past few years.

Security system components

Control panel

This is the brain of the system. It receives information from the various detection areas and transmits it to the monitoring centre using your phone line or cell link.


As in a computer, the keyboard allows you to control your security system. You can use it to arm and disarm your system at home.

Remote control

The keychain remote control allows you to arm and disarm the system or open the garage door or control house lighting from a distance of up to 500 feet.

Stay connected at all times wherever you are: arm and disarm the system for unforeseen visitors, monitor activities, raise the temperature before your arrival…

The possibilities are infinite with

Peripheral protection

These protectors are designed to protect the perimeter of the house (doors, windows, and more).

Door/window contacts

Glass-break detector

Volumetric protection

These detectors are designed to capture motion inside the house using infrared beams or by taking photos sent to your phone, tablet or computer.

Infrared detectors

Image sensors

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