Remote video camera monitoring solution for your business premises

Deter burglars and vandals and keep an eye on the activities you need to know about. Our video-surveillance solutions, featuring a full range of high-definition cameras, digital video-recorders, and monitors, allow you to see what’s going on in your business, even when you’re not there. Access and control your cameras thanks to our free mobile applications. Discover practical functionalities specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses:

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Live streaming video

Watch your personnel at work, the flow of customers or inspect your business premises whenever you like using your smart phone, tablet or computer. Watch a live feed of activity at your place of business thanks to one or several cameras.

Instant video alerts

Receive video clips sent directly via text messaging or e-mail whenever pre-set events occur, such as when the storage-room door or the safe door is opened.

Recorded video sequences

See who has access to the cash register, the loading dock or the inventory storeroom. Record video clips triggered by motion or activity and find recorded clips easily later on (exact date and time).

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