WaterCop home flood protection

Pipes that crack or freeze and burst, dishwashers that leak, toilets that overflow, and water heaters that leak – these are fairly common situations that can cause considerable damage to a property. Nationally, the insurance industry pays out over $1 billion every year to compensate water damage victims. This amount is greater than claims for fire and theft. In North America, two homes suffer water damage every minute.

A high-performance security system combined with water-leak detection and stoppage!

Thanks to an agreement with DynaQuip Controls, Groupe Vigilance provides a one-of-a-kind prevention solution that is highly recommended by insurance companies: a high-performance security system that detects and stops water leaks!

The Groupe Vigilance system not only detects water leaks, but thanks to WaterCop it shuts off the main water intake line to prevent the situation from worsening. Our 24/7 fire, theft, and water damage protection solution is perfect for homes, cottages, condos, and multiple-unit residential buildings.

How the system works

Whenever a detector comes into contact with water, a signal is sent to the main water intake valve. The signal shuts off the valve and stops the leak. An alert is sent to the monitoring centre, where agents follow a pre-established set of measures to inform the owner of the incident, thereby significantly reducing potential damage.

To shut off or restart water intake manually using the system, simply using the buttons on the WaterCop interface. An indicator light tells you what state it is in.


When the Groupe Vigilance technician and a certified plumber arrive at your home to install the security system, they explain how it all works, including the valve and water detectors. With guidance from the homeowner, they locate the main water intake line, which is where they install the automatic WaterCop valve.

Finally, tests are performed to ensure that the system is operating properly in accordance with Groupe Vigilance’s high standards.

Finally, tests are performed to ensure that the system is operating properly in accordance with Groupe Vigilance’s high standards.

In most cases, only one visit is required to complete all necessary tasks, including setting up the alarm, carrying out the plumbing work, and finishing the installation.

Two types of valves

Two types of valves are provided:

  1. A traditional valve that can be adjusted to most current wired and wireless systems
  2. An interactive valve that allows you to shut off the water intake line automatically when you arm your interactive security system in the “Absence” mode. With this type of system, you can also program a delay, for example, if the dishwasher is in operation. In the event of mechanical malfunction, the sensors override the delay function.

Other options are also available. To learn more, speak with a Groupe Vigilance representative.

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