High-security interactive services your business

With Groupe Vigilance, you can monitor and control your system – and even interact with it from anywhere – over the web or on your smart phone:

Remote control

Arm or disarm your system and control lighting, locks, and thermostats from wherever you are. You can also personalize your parameters remotely, check the state of the system and detectors. It’s easy with our secure mobile application and web platform.

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Emergency two-way voice communication

In the event of an emergency, communicate directly with first responders using the security keyboard. Thanks to our two-way voice communication system, our monitoring centre agents can interact with you whenever an alarm is triggered. They can immediately collect all important information and call for appropriate and effective emergency response.

Instant alerts

Watch over your business premises remotely by receiving texting alerts on your mobile device. For instance, receive confirmation when doors open for business in the morning or receive an electronic signal if your staff fail to arm the system at the usual time. Program alerts in the event of power failures, a sudden temperature shift, a leak or other major issue detected by the system.

Tamper-resistant technology

The patented “Crash and Smash” anti-sabotage technology ensures that your system remains functional even if the security panel is damaged before a signal is sent or if the phone line is cut.

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Secure cellular communication (connecting your security system)

Our secure dedicated cellular communication solution allows you to connect your security system and enjoy reliable and uninterrupted protection.

  • Cellular communication is quick and reliable. No traditional landline is needed
  • Protects you from phone and online service interruption (tampering or accidental)
  • In the event of a power blackout, your security system continues to operate for 24 hours thanks to a back-up battery
  • Your security is assured. Security messages are not shared with phone or internet lines


By creating of virtual geo-barrier around your business premises on our online platform, you can define the basic rules for automatically adjusting lighting or heating and air conditioning every time you come to work or leave – or only when every employee has left. This service provides even more flexibility and control over your business premises thanks to automation settings that can be adjusted according to your location.

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