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Collaboration among the key players in prevention is crucial to ensuring security in Quebec homes and businesses. Groupe Vigilance believes in the power of partnership and works closely with the best partners to develop value-added programs for residential and business customers.

We work closely with key partners and leaders in the prevention and security sector:

Groupe Vigilance benefits from global resource support from a true leader in the field of security, including financial support, high-quality innovative products, ongoing research and development, a network of experts, and more.

Groupe Vigilance has added water leak detection AND water intake shutoff to its high-performance security system. This very effective combination of services is highly regarded by insurance companies and helps reduce the incidence of plumbing-related problems and flooding.

Exclusive and beneficial discounts from Groupe Vigilance and its partners

Find out more from the companies below about the exclusive discounts to which you are entitled as a customer or employee on the purchase of a security system for protection against theft, fire, water damage, and other events:

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